Let It Go

Blog. I meant to blog more often in 2014. Also, I meant to keep my desk free from clutter. Speaking of clutter, I planned to keep my house organized and keep up on laundry. 2014 was also going to be the year that I lose 40 pounds. Well, maybe it was going to be the year I stop caring about my weight. I think 2014 was also going to be the year I quit wasting money on lattes. I was also going to quit worrying.

I was going to teach my kids responsibility by asking them to do more chores. I was also going to be sure they have more time to play and relax when they are at home. Parenting is hard! And Pinterest….Oh Pinterest. I was going to make my own laundry detergent and sew some curtains and make organic chicken enchiladas and stop looking at Pinterest and help my kids make homemade valentine cards and follow the 3 easy steps for toned arms and prepare freezer slower cooker meals and stop trying so hard to make cute stuff and stop looking at Pinterest!

With all of those failed resolutions, you may think I’d be bummed out or at very least not doing any resolutions this year. If you thought that, you’d be wrong! This year, my resolution is pretty simple. In the words of 6 year old girls everywhere, “Let it go!” My 2015 resolution is to remember that God loves me and that He is taking care of my family. He is bigger than circumstances and resolutions and even Pinterest!

So, my New Year’s request to the blog readers on this first day of 2015 is that you give yourself some space to make mistakes, remember that you are loved just the way you are, breathe and let it go! (If only the other lyrics from Frozen were true for me too… “the cold never bothered me anyway.”) Stay warm everyone! – Heather DeWit

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