A Perfect Match: Andy and Lance

It is great to see when a mentor and student get matched and it seems like it was just meant to be. Andy McKay and Lance are a great example of a match that clicked from the beginning.

What did they click over? ROTC. Lance is involved and Andy has a strong military connection in his family. His father, two brothers and daughter are (or were) involved. Lance’s step-father is in the National Guard, and Lance wants to enter the military after high school.

For Andy, mentoring has been a blessing. He works at Farm Credit Services and saw colleagues mentor elementary aged students. Andy never felt like he could participate due to frequent travel for work. He then heard about USucceed and the flexibility of meeting four hours per month, and he signed up.

“It is great to have this connection,” said Andy. “I was new to Sioux Falls and we are emptynesters, so this is a great way to get involved with local kids and schools.”

Lance, who is never short on words, said that he enjoys having a mentor. “It is like hanging out with someone who is not family, but who is a friend who cares about you like family.”

When looking back over the last year and a half they have known each other, there are several memories. They have went trap shooting, which led to Lance getting involved with 4H. Mostly though, the two enjoy meeting up and sharing lunch when their schedule allows. “We both like to eat,” said Lance. Andy added, “I really enjoy the flexibility of USucceed. I can call and schedule a lunch meeting with Lance or we can meet after school or on the weekend. I enjoy being able to meet with him – it is a great way to refocus. Lance has a lot to offer and a great perspective. Mentoring has been very personally rewarding for me.”

If you are looking for a new volunteer opportunity for the coming new year, please keep USucceed in mind. There are high school students in our community who are on the waiting list for a mentor! Help us reach them before they reach adulthood!

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