It Happens Nearly Every Week

It happens nearly every week that I come across someone with an LSS story to share.

Just recently, I was manning a LSS booth at a Sioux Empire United Way rally at a major Sioux Falls employer. We had been asked to be available to share information and answer questions that employees might have about LSS and the United Way. I spent nearly four hours there and about 100 people stopped by to visit. At least a quarter of them had a story they wanted to share about LSS.LSS.tag

Some of them had been adopted through LSS or knew a family member or friend who had been adopted through LSS. Some had received counseling after a divorce or a death in the family. Several had received help through the LSS Center for Financial Resources. One person, with tears in their eyes, told me their family was just six months away from being debt free thanks to LSS. Another was a refugee whose family had been resettled by the Center for New Americans.

All of them expressed their appreciation for what LSS had done for them and meant to them, their families and friends.

We touched nearly 50,000 lives last year at LSS. Behind that statistic are the faces of human beings. They come from all walks of life and all parts of South Dakota. They are young or old; they are financially stable or struggling to make ends meet; they are trying to make a new start after a divorce; they desire to start a family; or they just arrived in this country to start a new life. For a variety of reasons, they turn to LSS to for help, assistance and guidance. LSS is here to help.

Inspired by God’s love, we care for, support and strengthen individuals, families and communities—nearly 50,000 lives last year. And these lives pay LSS back through their support, prayers and stories of how LSS touched them and helped them. It happens nearly every week.

Bill Peterson, Vice President, LSS Development & Foundation

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