Fun, Interesting and Original

Meeting clients seems to be a recent theme on our blog! This is a great opportunity to learn more about just a few of the nearly 50,000+ lives that LSS touched in the past year. If you ask us, we think all of our clients are fun, interesting and original, but today we are profiling a mentor match and a student who is truly fun, interesting and original. We hope you enjoy meeting some of the great people we serve!  

Jacob is a great kid. He was elected to the Student Council, plays football, is very personable and sweet. He has been matched with his mentor, Jarid, for three years.

Together, they are often playing in the gym or outside on the playground, doing everything from basketball to a one-versus-one kickball game. They talk about football as both are Vikings fans, have done a little drawing together and just chat about life. The key to their relationship is having FUN! When asked to describe Jarid, Jacob said, “fun, awesome and caring.” And when Jarid was asked to describe Jacob, he said, “fun, interesting and original.”

Jarid initially got involved with mentoring through his church, St. John Lutheran. The congregation has made a commitment to mentoring, and has been the source for many new mentors in recent years. What has kept him coming back is Jacob. “He is a cool kid and I like hanging out with him,” said Jarid.

Despite working full-time and having two children of his own at the Challenge Center, Jarid makes time each Wednesday for Jacob. He believes it is important for adults to be in the schools, to get a first hand look at all that goes on within the building. He values mentoring because it enables kids and adults build relationships that would otherwise not exist. He enjoys being part of the Laura Wilder community, not only by living near the school, but being in the school.

At LSS, we are so thankful for mentors like Jarid. Jacob was previously mentored by a female college student. While he remembered that experience fondly, he was excited to have Jarid because 1) he liked his name and 2) he is a guy. Read more about our need for more male mentors here.

Post by Michelle Madsen / Photo by Barb Goldammer

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