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Mentoring is all about building a person-to-person relationship. But, with all of the technology at hand, we want kids to learn and communicate in innovative ways with the help of their mentor. In an effort to find apps that would be good for mentoring, we came up with the following list. Having kids spend time on these will give kids screen time that they often crave, but add in some great learning opportunities! While this was written with mentoring in mind, these are great apps for any adult to use with a child. Check out what we found, and feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments!

Princess Fairy Tale Maker ($1.99) will allow you and your mentee to work together to choose the background, the characters and to narrate your own fairy tale! Similarly, FriendStrip Kids Pro (free) is a great app for wild imaginations. The app allows you to pick a short story from a library of 85 scenarios. After you chose a scenario, you and your mentee can take pictures of yourselves and customize the story texts to create your own comic strip.

Have a mentee who loves dinosaurs? This app has a gallery full of over 700 different kinds! You and your mentee can read interesting statistics, see size comparisons, listen to audio clips that aid in name pronunciation and watch short videos. Check out Ultimate Dinopedia: Complete Dinosaur Reference ($4.99) to experience this wonderful app.

Stack the States™ ($0.99) will help your mentee learn the geography of the US in a fun Tetris-like manner. After mastering that one, you can also move onto Stack the Countries™ ($1.99).

Chicktionary (free) is a popular word game, where you and your mentee can pick out different words out of the selection displayed on cartoon chickens. It’s been named the top iPhone and iPad app for school-age children by MSNBC.

History Line (free) is a collaborative learning game that presents viewers with a series of historical events. The goal is to put the events in the correct order on a timeline.

SkyGrid (free) is a great way for you and your mentee to stay up on current events. Users create their own virtual newspaper, and the app follows the selected topics and filters them into one place for easy reading.

If your mentee is someone that would enjoy playing an instrument but hasn’t had an opportunity yet, Piano… (free) might be a good way to help them learn some things about making music.

In addition to what is listed above, some schools may have purchased licenses to programs such as dreambox. Those can be accessed outside of their use in the classroom with appropriate codes. Be sure to ask teachers (or students) what apps they are using in their classroom – chances are there will be a few to choose from!

Resources collected from Business Insider, Time, Teach Through and Best Kids Apps.

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