God Took My Skills and Put Them to Work for an Organization That Cares

I have been the Western Regional Director of LSS Development & Foundation for four months. Prior to LSS, I spent my career in the business world working with credit cards and telecommunication in both sales and management.Lillebo Jessica

I was attracted to LSS because of the overall dedication to helping others. Since coming to LSS, I have been learning about all of the wonderful things LSS does and visiting different service locations. I have been visiting with current and past donors, pastors and business supporters.

Recently, I was reminded of a book when I met with Arlene Ham Burr, a long time supporter and past LSS board member. The book was titled A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer. I read the book early in my career and, as anyone who has read it would be, I was deeply touched by the message and sickened by the degree of abuse this poor child endured.

At the time when I read the book, I was a temporary manager and anxiously looking to further my career in the business world. My goal was to make my temporary manager job more permanent. During that time, I was in a meeting and an ice breaker question was asked, “If money was no object, what would your career be?” I surprised everyone including myself when I answered, “A social worker.” A social worker? Did I really just say that out loud?! This could have been my opportunity to impress the boss and say something impressive such as, “president of the company!” Or even, “a permanent manager”!! But I said a social worker because the night prior, I had finished the book titled, A Child Called It. And my heart still bled and ached for the pain of this child. I could think of nothing more important at that moment than making a difference in the life of an abused and neglected child.

So more than ten years later here I am, meeting Arlene for the first time and she mentions this same book. It brought back a flood of memories as we discussed the horrors of Dave Pelzer’s childhood. It made me realize that I am now working for LSS—Lutheran Social Services. I am not a social worker; but I am part of an organization that cares. An organization that cares so much for others that it is their mission. God took what I had, my personal experiences, knowledge and skills, and He put them to work for an organization that values Him. This is an organization that works for the betterment of people. LSS is an organization that helps abused and neglected children. I may have taken the long and winding path to get here, but I feel by the grace of God, I have arrived.

As western regional director for LSS, I am making a difference. Last year, LSS touched nearly 50,000 lives through a variety of services offered statewide—people of all ages, races, faiths and economic levels with professional, confidential and affordable services. Together we can make a difference. One employee, one volunteer, one donor, one person can make a significant impact on those we serve. To visit more about how you can serve call me at 800-260-1439.

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