A Day in the Life of a Financial Counselor

Editors note: This week, each department is following the theme of “A Day In The Life Of…”. In order to help people better understand what we do, we want to share a bit of what each day looks like for us. Today is your opportunity to learn a little more about the Center for Financial Resources. Please check back each day to find out about a new department within the LSS family.

“I have so many bills from the hospital, they are piling up. I don’t even open them anymore since I have no way to pay for them.”

“I want to get my own place, but I can barely get by each month with my school loan.”

“I couldn’t take care of everything so I used my credit cards to make ends meet. Now I can’t pay for those either.”

“I am trying to get a fresh start, and I have no clue on what I should do. I need help.”

Everyday someone calls in or comes in with something different, and they areCassie finally ready to make a change. I get calls from individuals who just need a question answered about the apartment they are renting, or someone wanting to meet to see what their budget is, or where their debt is and get pointed in the right direction.

There is no such thing as a typical day as a financial counselor. Whenever somebody comes in their situation is different than anyone else’s, but the most important thing for anyone to remember is that everyone has something that they are working on improving. I have had days where I see a single mother or father raising kids on their own who need help finding assistance and taking care of their debt, I have seen married couples who did not know how far in the hole they were and need a budget to get back on track, someone wanting help looking at their credit report to see what’s out there, the list goes on and on.

When someone leaves my office they are ready to take the next steps to getting their finances in order. They may be starting on our Debt Management Program, consolidating their debt, going through the steps to refinance or modify their home, or just taking each step one at a time and remembering to breath.

In what ever way the day is going it is always filled with helping others, and it is truly something I enjoy. It is not easy for someone to share their situation, but just remember that walking in the door is usually the hardest part for making a change. Speaking for myself and all the other financial counselors out there, we just want to help get things moving in the right direction. So don’t be afraid to come see us!

I see:

  • College students looking at school loan consolidation
  • Single mothers/fathers raising a family on their own and struggling
  • Husbands or wives with a spouse on disability
  • Couples trying to get their budget/debt all figured out
  • Business owners barely breaking even
  • Individuals on the path to recovery from addiction and ready to get finances in order

I help:

  • All of these people alleviate some stress by knowing that they can do with their situation
  • They usually see that it wasn’t as bad as the thought… or even if it is, they have a betterunderstanding of what to do now.
  • Landlord/tenant phone calls
  • Filing bankruptcy and what to do after
  • Calling creditors and collections with the person
  • I help those on our debt management plan get their payments to creditors
  • I help look over Credit Bureau Reports to see what’s been reported

written by Cassandra Prusha
Image courtesy Cassandra Prusha

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