PREMIER: “Serving others is at the core of who we are”

When reading the paper or watching the news, you are more than likely to come across pieces of information related to workforce development. As a community, we are concerned about preparing tomorrow’s professionals and leaving our businesses and organizations in better hands. One way businesses can ensure that they are giving a hand up to the next generation is by allowing their employees to mentor.

“Serving others is at the very core of who we are as an organization and is a large part of why we’ve been successful,” said Meranda Sylliaasen of PREMIER.

First PREMIER Bank/PREMIER Bankcard is just one of the many local corporations that strongly supports mentoring. There are currently 75 employees mentoring, and when they conclude their back-to-school recruitment campaign, another 8-10 people will join that group. Ideally, they would love to hit 100 employees mentoring this year.

So, why is it important for PREMIER to give back? Kent Hartsuiker, a PREMIER mentor who leads recruitment efforts and their Bankcard facility said, “One of the vews and values of PREMIER is “We value people”. Serving others is at the core of who we are. Our customers are the number one reason we exist. Our employees are our most valuable resource. We are all responsible for investing in our communities. We will continually seek out ways to make it better with our donation of time and money.”

With ample human resources and a keen eye on making the community better by investing in the future, PREMIER has led the way with letting employees know about mentoring and making it part of their corporate culture.

Current mentors make it a point to talk about their experiences with the program and relay the need for more mentors to co-workers who are not currently involved. PREMIER supplies mentors with custom shirts they can wear on the days they mentor and allows for some flexibility in making up work time missed due to mentoring.

“When our employees volunteer their time and talent to help those in need, the satisfaction and sense of pride in believing in the possibility of others is immeasurable,” said Sylliaasen. “So far this year, our associates have volunteered over 16,000 hours of service to nearly 300 different organizations. Wherever there’s possibility, there’s a very good chance someone from the PREMIER organization is there.”

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