Back to School Already?

This week marks the last week of our Summer School Age Program. You may think we are ready to send the kids back to their teachers. I will admit that they are starting to get a little more wound up. However, that is not the reason we are ready for school to begin. We are so excited to send the kids back so that they can wow their new teachers with all that they have learned this summer! Our halls will be quieter each day before 2:45 but we will miss the joy that the school age kids bring us each day.


We are sad to see the summer end because it was filled with fun and learning but we are so excited for a season of more new beginnings and after-school adventures. Our summer was filled with field trips, messes, friendship, giggles, splashes, learning and of course memories.Friday will be a day of tears, hugs and “see you soon.” Monday will bring a different energy and the exhausted kids will tell us all about classrooms, friends, new teachers and fresh crayons.

As we look to the new school year we have limited openings for our after school programs. Please feel free to spread the word if you hear of someone looking for fun and learning after school. We have openings to pick up additional students at the following Sioux Falls Elementary Schools: Robert Frost, Mark Twain, John Harris Harvey Dunn, Rosa Parks, Terry Redlin and Cleveland. We are full for some of our other locations but are happy to place families on a waiting list if they need a program.

Preschool starts for the school year next week too but I’ll tell you all about that in a future blog post! I’m off to sharpen some more pencils!

-Heather DeWit, Director of Childcare and Education Services


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