Camps, Sports and Fun

When I think back to summer and being a kid I think of Swan Lake Christian camp. It was always full of fun and friends, old and new! In my work with foster care I have found that while many of these children and youth have not had opportunities to attend camps, they can especially benefit from these activities.  So one of the goals for our foster children and youth is to offer them camp and sports activities where they have opportunities to socialize, learn and just have fun in safe environments.

This past year many of the foster children we work with have had these opportunities. They have participated in such camps and activities as T-ball, football camps, basketball camps, soccer camps, church camps, YMCA camps, Leif Erickson Day Camp, and special camps for kids in foster care.  These experiences have allowed them to leave any issues they are dealing with behind and to just be kids and have fun. One of our youth who recently attended a basketball camp said he learned how to go with  the flow at camp and that if things don’t go the way he wanted it to (like winning!) that it was okay.  He learned it was not about winning – it was about learning how to be a team member, how to support his fellow teammates and how to have fun!

The costs of these camps can be expensive and Lutheran Social Services has been blessed to have numerous organizations, individuals and foster parents who have provided funds and scholarships to give our kids these valuable experiences.  So this is a camp fire SHOUT OUT to say thanks to all of you who have provided this support!

Submitted by Dede Mogck, Director of Adoption and Foster Care Programs

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