Picnics, Reunions & Reconnections

The mid-summer classic (also known as the Major League Baseball All-Star game) is this week. In celebration of this time of year, our blog posts will focus on the 90 days a year that South Dakotans call SUMMER! Stay tuned as each service area will post about a summer-related topic. When you are not outside enjoying the weather, join us on the Touching Lives blog this week to learn more about LSS!

Summer brings to mind family reunions and picnics.  Both are great opportunities to reconnect and rebuild relationships with loved ones whom we may not have seen for awhile.  Many of these relationships are so special and dear to our hearts.

This summer my family was invited to one such event.   My daughter’s First Mom invited us to her family reunion picnic.  Although we have an open adoption and share pictures and updates we had not seen each other since my daughter was a baby. So this was a big event!  As the date of the picnic/reunion drew close  my daughter became more and more excited to meet her First Mom and family.  I kept thinking I should be nervous and anxious but instead I found a sense of peace.  As I reflected on this, I came to realize that in my daughter meeting her Mom, her brothers and her grandparents she was also finding pieces of herself that I couldn’t give her.  I can give her love, nurturing, opportunities but there are other pieces to her puzzle that could only be answered by reconnecting with her birth family.  My sense of peace was centered in her happiness and fulfillment!

LSS has been growing families through adoption for 94 years.  In the last 15 to 20 years many of those adoptions have been open.  Through our family’s adoption experience I understand how important it is for persons who are adopted to know and have information to all pieces of who they are.  They are children of two families, birth and adoptive families, who share a relationship like no other.  As my daughter always tells me -her heart is connected to mine and her First Mom’s; her First Mom’s heart is connected to hers and mine; and mine is connected to hers and her First Mom’s. Our hearts are intertwined into a very special relationship.

Well, the night of the family reunion picnic came and despite some initial nervousness  we had a wonderful time.  Our daughter met her brothers which she thought was great.  She spent time with her First Mom which she thought was great.  My husband and I had some good food and conversation with our “adopted” family which we thought was great.  As we left there were lots of hugs, well wishes and reconnections which all come with summer reunions!

Submitted by Dede Mogck, Director of Adoption and Foster Care


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