Break a Leg!

Dakota Players, a children’s theatre company, conducted workshops for students at our Southern Hills Summer School Age Program this week as part of the South Dakota Arts Council’s Artists in Schools and Communities program. The artists will work with interested students at each of the five LSS Summer Program locations this summer to teach acting, literacy, stage directions,and other important theatre skills using positives themes that stress individuality, community and the environment.


This morning the students at Southern Hills performed Campfire Tales! Do you remember the legends and tall tales that came out of America’s growth? These legends were born from a country bursting at the seams and in need of some really big characters to match. Where would Paul Bunyan, Iktomi, Johnny Appleseed and the other characters of legend fit in today as America continues to face big changes in technology and communication? The cast of students and two members of the Dakota Players invited us to join them around the campfire as these tall tales came to life!

We are so proud of our young actors and actresses at Southern Hills and look forward to the upcoming performances by the students at Hilltop, Eastside, OSL and First Reformed. This exciting program through LSS Summer Programs occurs with support provided by the South Dakota Arts Council with funds from the State Department, and the National Endowment for the Arts. We are thankful for the opportunity for our students to have this new and exciting experience!


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