2 Months Wasted

2 months- the average math achievement lost by students throughout the summer months. Reading loss also averages between 1 to 3 months. Students with fewer economic resources lose more of what they have gained each summer. Fortunately, hundreds of programs around the country, including LSS School Age Summer Programs, are helping kids to combat the loss and spend their summer gaining!

Summer Learning Day

June 20, 2014 is Summer Learning Day. This national annual advocacy day is to highlight the importance of high-quality summer learning programs. Summer Learning Day is a time when advocates, parents, teachers, and students come together to acknowledge the importance of curbing summer learning loss – a significant contributor to the achievement gap.
I get pretty passionate about the summer learning business. You see, I get to see the faces of the hundreds of children we serve each summer and their loving family members. I know that they want the summer to be about gaining, not losing. Students deserve to have the hard work that they put in all school year and the energy that their teachers and parents pour into their education be maximized to benefit them long-term!

Our students deserve to arrive back at school in the fall ready to learn. They deserve to not only start where they left off in May, but to be better. They deserve to bring experience, learning and excitement back to the classroom in the fall.

That is why we invest the energy, learning and passion into the LSS summer programs. Our kids deserve nothing less! The three months of summer are not wasted! In the same way the impacts of this “summer slide” are cumulative, the gains of summer are cumulative as well. What happens in the summer matters! LSS Summer Program students are better for the field trips, park visits, math games, reading times, weekly themes, swimming times, quiet moments, raucous laughter, stories told, friendships made, healthy meals, experiences had and memories made.
With that, I’m off to enjoy the smiling faces of the children at the 5 LSS Summer Program locations. I’m certain that they are making the most of the moments.
Heather DeWit, Director of LSS Childcare and Education Services
Click here for some tips for families from the National Summer Learning Assocation


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