New Home and New Name

There are still a few unpacked boxes and some computers awaiting Internet connection, but our doors are open once again after moving to a new downtown location at 114 S Main Ave. Under one roof we continue to offer resettlement services in community orientation and education, case management, employment services, English language training, and immigration services. The new location benefits greatly the need for larger and more classroom space for the education department, which provides classes for English, citizenship preparation, job interview skills, math, and job-specific training.

Boxes before the move!

Boxes before the move!






Up and Running!

Up and Running!

Our New Home!

Our New Home!

Along with our new home, we have adopted a new name: LSS Center for New Americans! LSS President Betty Oldenkamp expressed the spirit and purpose behind the name change:

We are excited about the change because referring to our clients as new Americans reinforces their new status and the new start they will have here rather than referring to the trauma of their past experiences. It is a name that reflects where people are now and their future-not where they have been.

Interested in volunteering in our classes or being a mentor for a recently-arrived refugee? Click the link below to fill out an online application and get started!

Come on in and visit!  Connie at the Frontdesk will be the first to say Hello!

Come on in and visit! Connie at the Frontdesk will be the first to say Hello!



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