Teacher Appreciation

At LSS Mentoring Services, we are SO appreciative of teachers! So many of our mentors come to us saying that a local teacher told them about the program. Teaching IS mentoring, and research shows that 44% of informal mentoring relationships included a teacher.

When asking our current mentors who inspired them when they were young, by and large they get a twinkle in their eye and start to describe a special teacher. As you read this, are you thinking about your favorite teachers? I am!

For me, it was my second grade teacher, Mrs. L. The kindergarten and first grade teachers at my school were young, and I, like the rest of my classmates, thought our life was over when we went to Mrs. L’s class. She was older than our parents!

She truly made learning fun. I vividly remember her lesson on contractions. She would write two words on the chalkboard and then went to the board with pretend medical equipment (and wearing a lab coat and nurses hat) to remove the extra letters and used a band-aid as the apostrophe. She also made us feel special. I bet every student she taught could tell you to this day what a “fuzzy” is. They were just little balls of fabric, but they were her reward system for good behavior or a job well done and were coveted like gold in her classroom.

There are many more stories, but share some of your memories in the comments! Let’s celebrate the great teachers we have been blessed with! #ThankATeacher

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