Sioux Falls Detective to Present at LSS

Insta-what? Are you sure this is a kids computer game? Who are all of these “friends”? To many kids, being online is as natural as breathing. But, as adults, do we really know what they are up to when they interact with the screen?

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, one in every 25 youth are contacted by an online sexual predator that attempts to make contact offline. This is substantial considering that we live in a country where nearly 100% of young adults use the internet daily. In just a minute, a child might give away his/her address, phone number, etc without understanding the dangers in doing so.

LSS is hosting a training on Internet Safety and Kids with Sioux Falls Police Detective Jessica Speckmeier on Thursday, May 15 from 12-1 PM at the LSS Center for Children and Youth. Detective Speckmeier will explain how unsuspecting children are being lured into sexual exploitation such as child pornography and child prostitution. This often is being done through popular networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. She will also lead a discussion on what we can do as a community to protect our children.

To see how easy a child can fall into a trap, watch this three minute video about a victim. Adults who care about kids in our community need to hear this message. Please register for this important training!




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