How to Help Your Child Choose a Book

 Preschool Reading

It is no secret that we are big library fans at LSS Childcare and Education. We are fortunate to have a great library system here in Sioux Falls and our students get to enjoy it! With so many fantastic choices, parents often ask how to know which book to have their child check out. Here are some tips:

  • Let your child take the lead! Encourage your child’s love of reading and excitement for books by letting them show you what catches their eye. Unless you think a topic is inappropriate, allow your child to read a book that he or she requests even if it is too difficult and they end up looking at pictures or asking you to help. That is a learning experience too. Maybe you could pick out a few additional books that are in their level.
  • Give your child plenty of time. Some library visits may need to be a quick one but whenever possible allow for a leisurely stroll through the shelves. You might just find a few moments to pick a book or two for you!
  • Choose books that appeal to your child’s interests. This might mean some non-fiction material about animals, sports, fashion, etc. It could also mean finding books that are funny or stories about kids their age.
  • Find a “just right” book for younger readers. One way to do this is to encourage the child to read the first page or so. If they count 5 words they don’t know on that first page the book might be too tough. Don’t worry though, if it is too tough for your child to read independently but looks interesting, that might mean it is a perfect book to read together! If your child occasionally ends up with one that is easy it can increase confidence. Ask your child’s teacher for tips on this as well!
  • Learn your library. Find out what the different parts of the children’s section are, where children should put books if they look at one and decide not to check it out and even what the names of the librarians are!
  • Turn success into more success by asking your child what they think of recent reads and why they are liked.  Remember what the favorite parts are and consider finding more books by the same author or with a similar style or topic.

Happy reading! -Heather DeWit

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