LSS Center for New Americans Thanks Community Partner

St. John American Lutheran of Sioux Falls was recognized recently as the 2013 LSS Distinguished Congregational Partner of the Year. St. John American is located just a few blocks from the LSS Refugee & Immigration Center.  When space was limited in LSS facilities, St. John American opened their doors for English and citizenship classes.

For nearly two years, St. John American has welcomed adult learners from around the world through their doors for adult education classes. St. John American has allowed LSS Refugee & Immigration Services to use their facility to provide English and citizenship education classes on weekdays. Through these classes, approximately 300 refugees and immigrants have been served, learning basic communication skills, English literacy and civics. Without this assistance from St. John American, it would not have been possible for the LSS Refugee & Immigration Services to teach these additional students. St. John American has been generous and hospitable to the new Americans in the Sioux Falls community. St. John American parishioners and staff have welcomed newly arriving refugees with invitations to meals and special events.

St. John is helping to meet the needs of New Americans in their community.

Students at St. John recently took class pictures to give as a “Thank you!”

Afternoon Classes at St. John

Afternoon Classes at St. John


Morning classes at St. John


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