Outstanding Mentors, Community Partner recognized

LSS Mentoring Services honored area residents who volunteer as mentors with a breakfast on Wednesday, April 16.

At the event, the Citibank Mentor of the Year, the First Premier/Premier Bankcard Community Partner of the Year and the Sanford Rookie Mentor of the Year awards were presented. You can read about the nominees here. Wells Fargo was named the Community Partner of the Year, Dana Hagen was selected as the Mentor of the Year and Chad Bishop won the Rookie of the Year Award.


Dana and his mentee, Sean.



Chad and his mentee, Suren.

Wells Fargo has been involved with mentoring for over 15 years. They believe in the program and it is one of their core volunteer opportunities for their Sioux Falls team members. They have over 50 employees that volunteer to mentor. Hagen, who works with Capella, has mentored since 2001. He has been with the same student the entire time and has developed a great friendship. Bishop, who works at Raven, is matched with a student at Jane Addams Elementary Immersion Center. Bishop was the first mentor at the school and was matched with a student who spoke very little English. He has made a great connection to this student in a short time.

For additional information about mentoring, call 221-2403 or email mentoring@lsssd.org.


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