The Power of a Cape

There is this cape…it has been on posters, on television, in the paper and even at a SuperRandell&JaronSioux Falls mayoral candidate forum this week. So what is the deal?

The cape is a symbol for what LSS Mentors are: Everyday Heroes. Our mentors would not call themselves a hero, but to the kids they meet with, that is what they are.

We have had an exciting week with lots of activity, inquiries and new mentors. But this is just the beginning! While we love that there are 1,100 mentors in our community, there are too many kids waiting for their Everyday Hero to show up. It is tough to see your best friend having fun with their mentor and you are on the playground by yourself. Or being a sibling of a kid who goes home and talks about the fun thing they did with their mentor and knowing that you did not get to experience that.

Our goal has been enthusiastically received, but there are some who still think they could never do it. So here are some reasons why mentors are Everyday Heroes…

When you pull your hamstring playing kickball at recess, you are an everyday hero by making a fool of yourself.

When you listen intently about a cartoon or game you have never heard of, you are an everyday hero for your excitement.

When they answer with just yes or no and pull their hair in their face, you are an everyday hero for those awkward silences.

When they tell you an exciting story or a missed opportunity, and you realize you are gaining more than you feel like you could ever give,

You are an Everyday Hero for being a mentor!

It is not all that heroic and really, not all that hard. It is reality. And real, everyday heroes are needed. If not you, then who? Just one hour a week is our request. Apply today.

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