Rainbow Fun

rainbow art

If you walk through the halls at our Southern Hills program you will see rainbow art everywhere! The various classes are exploring the rainbow at their own level. The students have been busy learning their colors, learning color mixing and even learning about the science behind rain and rainbows. They have been reading rainbow books, singing rainbow songs and even doing rainbow math. Their rainbow fun inspired our staff to share a little rainbow poetry about some of the things that we can all remember when spending time with children:

R is for Red and Reading: Read to and with your child. Cultivate a love for reading. For more tips click here to read a previous blog post.

O is for Orange and Outdoor Play: Fresh air, room to move, opportunities to explore make outdoor time a good investment even when the weather isn’t perfect. We have a blog post of reasons to get outside!

Y is for Yellow and Youth Led Activities: Let your child take the lead when possible. Allow them to try out their ideas, make choices and take you along for the fun.

G is for Green and Growing: There is no need to compare children to others. Watch them grow and see how they are improving every day.

B is for Blue and Believe: Believe the best in children. Know that even if they struggle they are learning and need support and love. Believe that they will succeed.

I is for Indigo and Inspiring: Inspire children to do their best. Worry less about how to make them behave or convince them to learn and more about connecting them with what is inspiring. Make connections between learning and life. Build relationships.

V is for Violet and Valuable: These years are valuable. They cannot be replaced or re-done. Fill them with memories and learning. Have fun and enjoy your child.

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