Meet Jessica and Reannae

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome students may look at second semester of their senior year as a bit of a lame duck. Reannae is not one of those students. Just like her mentor, Jessica Evans, Reannae keeps a busy schedule. Despite both having several things going on, the two make time to meet each week through our USucceed Program — even if the time is 7 AM.

Jessica and Reannae have been meeting since Reannae was a sophomore at Roosevelt. Jessica first learned about USucceed when she attended the United Way Women Unite event. She thought it sounded like an opportunity that would be a good fit for her and she was one of the first mentors to sign up for the program. She was matched with Reannae and the two have gotten along well through the years. They typically just talk about how things are going.

“Mentoring is something that is outside of my routine,” said Jessica. “It has been fun and Reannae and I always have a good time.” In addition to their breakfast meetings, the pair tries to attend USucceed monthly activity nights. Reannae has also spent some time with the Evans family. Jessica has four children — three boys and an infant girl. “My boys ask about Reannae a lot,” said Jessica. “She is very good with kids.”

Reannae is mature for being a high schooler and says she “had to overcome a lot and grow up at an early age.” She maintains great grades and said she decided early in high school that she could spend time getting into trouble or spend time working on homework and getting involved. Reannae completes about 500 hours a year of volunteering. She also recently got a job at Here4YOUth (and she listed Jessica as a reference).

Next year, Reannae will attend USF and double major in Nursing and Special Education. She is excited for school and “hopes for a more stable living environment.” As for her and Jessica, they plan to stay in touch…both said that they will know who to call when they want to go out for breakfast!

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