A new home for LSS in Sioux Falls … The Center for Community Services

LSS.tagSince 2011, one of the dreams of LSS has been the development of a new “Center for Community Services” in Sioux Falls.  The new facility would bring together a number of LSS programs in a campus-like setting into one visible, accessible location.

This dream took a major step towards becoming a reality this month when the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Community Appeals Committee approved the request of LSS to conduct a fundraising campaign in the Sioux Falls business community to support this project.  The Community Appeals Committee approved a $1.25 million campaign to be conducted April 1-July 31, 2016.

Competition was strong for this slot with six organizations presenting strong cases for their capital needs.  In the end, the Community Appeals Committee chose LSS because of our previous track record of success in fundraising, demonstrated need for new facilities and our broad based community services affecting a wide range of clients.

The new Center for Community Services will provide a number of community benefits:

  • Growing programs will have room for additional services, meeting community needs that LSS can uniquely provide.
  • Clients will have a “one-stop shop” where they can seek assistance.
  • Programs will be in a visible location that is easily accessible to clients by bus.

Planning now begins for this campaign.  We will be excited to share the details of our plans as they progress into the future.

In the meantime, let’s all celebrate this success and what it means for the future of LSS in Sioux Falls and all of South Dakota.

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