Is Your Cell Phone a Budget Buster?

cellphonepicDo you remember the prototypical cell phone from the 90’s? While our phones have gotten much smaller in the past 20 years, many of us are still dealing with big, bulky bills. Here are some considerations to help you slim down your monthly statement:

  • Look for discounts – students and employees often have discounts available. Contact your HR Department or your cell phone carrier to find out if you may qualify. Just be prepared to provide a work or school email address, paystub, or some other form of verification.
  • Unless you are accident prone you may want to consider passing on the insurance coverage. If anything happens to your phone within the first few months it may be a tremendous bargain. But if you go 2 years without any issues then all the coverage did was make your phone more expensive. Always consider the cost of the coverage compared to the cost of replacing the phone and make sure that you know what is covered before signing up.
  • While unlimited text messaging may cost you $10 or more each month, many smartphones now have apps that will allow you to message others for free.
  • Plan your usage – avoid paying extra for unneeded minutes, texts, or data.
  • Consider pre-paid – this option can be much less expensive than traditional contracted plans, especially if you use your phone infrequently.

To find reliable help with financial concerns, reach out to the LSS Center for Financial Resources. Call (888) 258-2227 to be connected with the office closest to you, or go online to Hablamos Español.

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