More Fun Before the Olympic Closing Ceremony

Do your kids still have Olympic fever after watching the games? You might enjoy some silly family Olympics. Make up your own events or give some of ours a try!

  • Figure Skating or Speed Skating- Step on some pieces of wax paper or stick your foot in an empty tissue box. Do some racing or show your finest moves to music. Either is guaranteed to create some giggles! Our Voyager’s (2 year old) Class tried a little skating for the video below!

  • Curling- grab some brooms and create a target on the floor with masking tape. A curling stone can be made from two paper plates taped together with beans inside for weight. As long as it slides on the floor it should work.
  • Skiing-  Roll some newspaper diagonally and tape it then flatten to make some skis and use a rubber band to attach them to your child’s feet. They will be far from functional but will be a lot of fun! Use furniture or stuffed animals placed on the floor to make “gates” to ski between.
  • Bobsled, Skeleton or Luge- Your child’s favorite dolls or action figures will be put in danger for this one! Let your child make a track using paper towel rolls and tape. The example for making a track for toy cars at a radio station’s blog or this paper plate marble track at Frugal Fun for Boys offer some ideas.Of course if you can get outside you have even more options! Pull out the sleds and have some fun!
  • Don’t forget the details! Make medals with paper or aluminum foil on yarn. A torch is easy with a paper towel roll and some tissue paper or construction paper. The one we made for the picture below took about 2 minutes to make!
  • Our Pinterest board has some ideas from other web pages as well.

Have fun everyone! -Heather DeWit, Director of Childcare and Education ServicesOlympic Torch

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