Who are these 1100 mentors?

At LSS, we are proud to have a volunteer force of 1,100+ mentors in the Sioux Falls area! I wish I could introduce you to each one and let them tell you why, out of the thousands of things they could do with their time, they choose to volunteer and mentor a child.

Instead of getting to meet each mentor, here are some facts about the group.

  • Almost one-fourth are between the ages of 31-40 (score for Gen X!), which exceeds other age segments by at least five percent.
  • 14% of our mentors are ages 18-22, with the majority of those being full-time college students.
  • Our most senior mentor is 93 years old (and mentors a middle school boy!).
  • 69% of mentors are females. This follows the national trend. While females provide great influence, there is a tremendous need for little boys to have a positive adult male role model in their life.
  • 27% work in the financial services industry.
  • The company with the most mentors is First PREMIER Bank/PREMIER Bankcard with 87 employees volunteering. They are followed by Citi (56), Wells Fargo (53) and Raven Industries (49).
  • Over 70 area businesses have at least one mentor on their staff.
  • The average mentor volunteers with the program for 3.6 years. Just over 10% of mentors have been volunteering for 10 years or more.
  • We have one student that is graduating in May that has been with the same mentor since she was a kindergartener.
  • 100% of our mentors have a big heart and are doing their part to make Sioux Falls a better place for everyone.

This list gives a broad representation of just who those 1,100 volunteers are. More importantly, behind each volunteer there is a unique story of a special relationship between two strangers brought together by this thing called mentoring.

Are you one? Join us by applying to be a mentor today!

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