Mentoring an Answer to Get Kids in College

A new study entitled “The Mentoring Effect” shows what we at LSS already know — Mentoring Works! The study was commissioned by the National Mentoring Partnership and was just released this month. Key points from the study include:

  • At-risk young adults who had a mentor are 20% more likely to aspire to enroll in and graduate from college than those who did not have a mentor.
  • A caring adult is also specifically identified as one of the America’s Promise Alliance “Five Promises,” which they have identified as the fundamental resources that young people need to succeed.
  • After an average of 10 months of mentoring, youth fared better than those without mentors in emotional/psychological well-being, social relationships, academic attitudes and self-reported grades.
  • There were also notable reductions in depression symptoms.
  • After 13 months of mentoring, youth also displayed greater acceptance by their peers, and more positive beliefs about their ability to succeed in school and achieve better grades in school.
  • Overall, mentored youth were more likely to show improvement on multiple social, emotional, and academic levels.
  • At-risk young adults who had a mentor are 30% more likely to report extracurricular participation and twice as likely to have held a leadership position in a club or group. They are also twice as likely to have regularly volunteered in their communities.
  • Nearly half of all young adults (46%) report that now that they are older, looking back, they can think of at least one time in their lives between the ages of 8-18 when they wanted a mentor and didn’t have one, even if they did have a mentor at some other point in their lives.

Click here for the full report.

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