Indoor Fun for Winter

Last winter I wrote a post on Family Fitness When It is Freezing and one on how to Beat Boredom so I decided this year it was time to write about some other fun indoor activities. My eight year old daughter has turned into quite the little game player lately. She has moved past “Monopoly,” “War” and “Go Fish” and has some new fun favorites.

One game she is enjoying is “Garbage” or “Trash.” It is perfect for kids preschool aged and older and is even fun for adults. It doesn’t take a lot of skill but holds the attention of players as it is self paced and can be fast-moving. The goal of the game is to complete a set of 10 cards which teaches younger players number order. Wikihow has the instructions here.


If you enjoy dice games you could try Pigto help your child with adding (or just for fun!) The rules are simple and it only takes paper, pencil and one die to play. Click the link above for instructions.

Many of our After-School and Summer Program students love the game Mancala and you can make your own game using an egg carton and some beads or small pasta. This traditional game requires students to concentrate and be creative but is easy to play for students in preschool through adults.

Even if you are waiting in a restaurant or airport the game called Dots and Boxes can be played with just 2 colors of pen or crayon and a piece of paper. 

I hope that these games help keep the cabin fever away a little bit longer and that you enjoy a happy, safe and healthy winter!

Heather DeWit
Director of Childcare and Education Services

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