Holiday Traditions

I asked our After-School and Summer Program students to tell me about the traditions their families enjoy in December. Many of our students celebrate Christmas and a variety of cultural celebrations in December but nearly all of them enjoy time with family or friends at some point throughout the month. The responses to my question about December traditions ranged from hilarious to heartwarming. We hope their thoughts bring a smile to your face and maybe you will even find a new idea or two for your family to try.

Santa Smile

“Well…….we pretty much just eat. It is a feast! Oh yeah, and there are presents. Oh, and we get to go to church and praise God and be with our family. The food is always really good.”

“On Christmas Day we open gifts with my mom and sister. We usually play games with one another all day until Christmas dinner. We have dinner at grandma’s house with all of the relatives then we open gifts! After that we go home and sleep.”

“We don’t really celebrate Christmas but in December we like to be with our family.”

“We go look at Christmas lights and the Falls all lit up. We sing songs and giggle while we look.”

“I love going to the Christmas tree farm. We find just the right tree and then we bring it home and listen to music and decorate it. Sometimes it is freezing cold but sometimes it is nice out.”

“For New Year’s Eve we pray to thank God for this year’s blessings and ask for God to take care of us in the next year.”

“Around Christmas we make tortillas and tamales with grandma, mommy and my aunties.”

“Before Christmas we make bon-bons with grandma all day.”

“Every Christmas my mom makes a BIG strawberry cake. We also make home-made ice cream. We host a big party with family and friends and dance. The girls in my family put on special make-up.”

“We are doing the Christmas Pickle this year. If you are not familiar with it, it’s an ornament in a shape of a pickle and it is on the tree. On Christmas morning the pickle will be moved by Santa and the first person who finds it gets a prize. Usually the prize is the first present.”

“Every Christmas Eve we go to our grandma’s and get a box of canned food together to donated to the food bank. Then we go shopping for grandma’s gift while she is cooking the big meal. We eat the leftovers through the holiday.”

“Every Christmas morning we wake up and open gifts. Then I go to my auntie’s house and have lunch before we go home and make cookies with friends. We keep going to the homes of other relatives to open gifts and eat. We also celebrate my sister’s birthday on Christmas Day! We eat dinner as a family and then enjoy our cookies. After a long day I go to sleep.”

“My family gets to go to many, many Christmas celebrations because I have a bunch of grandma’s and grandpa’s. It is special because each party is different and all of the people love me and I love them. We eat at all of the parties too.”

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