A World of Thanks


All Rights Reserved. Flickr.com

All Rights Reserved. Flickr.com

However you say it, you can never say it enough. 

Each year Lutheran Social Services touches over 50,000 lives in South Dakota helping to bring peace or joy or happiness or a second chance into those lives. Whether it is a family hoping to adopt their first child, a family grieving over the loss of a loved one, a couple experiencing financial difficulty or a young person needing a mentor or foster family in their lives, LSS is there for them. When the devastating blizzard hit western South Dakota earlier this fall, LSS was and still is there as an integral part of the recovery efforts. Read on to see how LSS serves needs across the state.

Each day, we at LSS are blessed by those we serve when they tell us “Thank You.”

In turn, we want to say thanks to all who have helped make our work possible…our donors.

None of our efforts could be possible without the financial support of thousands of givers across South Dakota or the nation.

Small gifts can add up to large rewards for those that are served by LSS.

  •  A donation of $5 per month or $60 will provide a financial support to a family to travel to visit a child who is in residential care.
  • A gift of $5.50 per month or $66 can provide assistance to create an opportunity for a child to attend summer school age care for a month.
  • A donation of $6.50 per month or $78 can provide a subsidy for a counseling session for someone in need.
  • A donation of $10 per month or $120 can help meet the needs of New Americans to our community.
  • A donation of $15 per month or $180 will provide screening for several mentors who will then provide 360 hours of one on one contact time with a student to build confidence, self esteem, and increased academic achievement.

Would you consider a donation today?  Donating is easy. Simply click here and you can donate through our secure website.

Your donation will be put to good use as we at LSS continue to touch over 50,000 lives a year.

And for that we say


Post by Bill Peterson
Vice-President, LSS Development & Foundation

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