Words of Wisdom from Mr. J

As we near Thanksgiving and the end of National Adoption month I would like to share a letter I recently received from an adoptive parent, Mr. J.  Approximately 9 ½  years ago he and his wife took a leap of faith and became foster parents for the state.  Foster care eventually led them to adopting 2 daughters from the foster care system.  He wanted to share his story of blessings and thankfulness with anyone who may be considering becoming foster/adoptive parents.

Their story is one of hope, loss, gains and joy.  In reading the letter I can see the love he has for all of children and the passion he has for adoption and foster care. As the story goes “Mr. J” apprehensively was talked into becoming a foster family by his wife back in 2004. As they worked through the process and received training he began to realize that many kids just needed a safe and stable home environment and most importantly a lifelong family! So they made the commitment to become a foster/adoptive family to help change a child’s life. He shared in his letter that there are challenges to being a foster/adoptive family.  But what is most touching and what you would hear from other families who have adopted through the foster care system is his statement,

“So as I tell everyone they have done as much or more for s as we have done for them and I thank our wonderful God every day for the chance He gave us to love, raise these 2 wonderful daughters.”

 Mr. J went on to update me on how all of his children and grandchildren are doing now.  His  warmth, love and caring shine through in his words. He hopes that by sharing their family’s story of foster care and adoption that he may spark a fire for anyone else considering foster care and adoption. His final words of wisdom for you are as follows:

 “One important thing as we found out – it doesn’t take a lot of money, fancy cars, house etc. if you have love in your heart for a child and faith in our wonderful God you can do it. He will help you all the way!!

 Submitted with Thanksgiving Blessings, Dede Mogck, Director of Adoption and Foster Care

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