Batman and Robin Live at My House

As we say good-bye to October, National Down Syndrome Month, and hello to November, National Adoption Month, I would be remiss to not mention the joys of adopting a child who has Down Syndrome.  By now you are probably asking – what does this have to do with  Batman and Robin?!  Well, in my home it has everything to do with the Caped Crusader and his Sidekick!  17 years ago I was blessed to adopt my daughter who coincidently has Down Syndrome.  This past year she has begun to call me Batman and continually reminds me that she is Robin, Batman’s trusty sidekick.  Not calling me Mom kind of bothered me at first but then my youngest daughter informed me that I should be honored.  By calling me Batman she sees me as her super hero!  Wow – that said a lot about her feelings for me. So now I happily respond, “Yes, Robin?”  when I hear her call, “Batman!”

Knowing the joy of adopting a child with Down Syndrome, I encourage anyone who is considering growing their family through adoption to think about this option.  There are many children with Down Syndrome available for adoption domestically and internationally who need a family. Yes, there are challenges to raising a child with special needs.  But the rewards of parenting a child with Down Syndrome far outweigh the challenges.  Plus there is a multitude of wonderful resources available to families from support groups to special education services to recreational opportunities to adoption subsidies. Our family has learned so much and made many great friends along our adoption journey. Adopting my daughter has been a blessing that has forever changed my life in so many wonderful ways.

If you are interested in more information on adopting a child with Down Syndrome please contact Lutheran Social Services Adoption Program.  It would be a joy to help you become someone’s Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or Captain America!

photo10.31Submitted by Dede “Batman” Mogck, Director Adoption and Foster Care Programs.

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