Happy (and Safe) Halloween!

Costumes should be safe! Avoid masks that impede vision. Avoid hard accessories like plastic swords or broomsticks that could poke your child or others. Be sure shoes and costumes aren’t a tripping hazard.

Always check treats and candy to be sure they are safe.

Never let them go alone. Walk with your child. If you think they are old enough to go without an adult, be sure they are with friends you trust. Teach them about crosswalks and talk about where they are allowed to go.

Don’t forget the lights! Be sure that children are walking with bright lights so that others can see them and they can see where they are going. Be sure candles in jack-o-lanterns and luminaries are flameless or out of reach of children.

You are the best judge of what is safe for your child. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to your child even if all of their friends are doing something. Keep your child safe.

Halloween KidsSome Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating

Our South Dakota weather is unpredictable and this year Halloween falls on a “school night.” If you think it sounds like a treat to avoid having to traipse your kids around the neighborhood, try some of the fun activities below. For most kids, an evening with the undivided attention of a loving adult will make the day special regardless of which activities are chosen.

  • Family game night: board games, scavenger hunts and puzzles make a night filled with family fun.
  • Get crafty: make something festive and fun. Our Pinterest page has some ideas.
  • Decorate a snack: decorate cookies, apple slices, veggies, etc. Our Pinterest page has some ideas.
  • Read and relax: make a fort inside the house with blankets and chairs. Use flashlights and pillows for a super fun night of spooky reading. Check out your library for books that your child will love.
  • Get creative with a little glow in the dark play dough or paint.
  • Play dress up: instead of putting together a costume for your child, allow them to try on some of the fun things in your closet. Laugh together!
  • Dance it out: turn up the volume and wiggle and giggle as a family or with friends.
  • Movie night: pick a movie, add some popcorn and enjoy the quiet.
  • Check out local activities. Often churches, museums, malls, parks, etc offer activities. They may not be on the day of Halloween but they offer a fun alternative.

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