Mentor Match: Karmyn & Santanna


School Counselors are the backbone of LSS Mentoring Services. They have the tough job of selecting students that would best fit with a new volunteer mentor. We here at LSS are thankful for the consistent role they play in making our program a success! A few counselors not only coordinate the programs at their school, but are mentors as well. Karmyn Marchand, counselor at Discovery Elementary in Sioux Falls, has been matched with her mentee Santanna for five years. They started when Santanna was in 5th grade and are still together through the USucceed Program for high school students.

“Santanna is never boring! She is always up for doing anything. I have really enjoyed checking in with her and seeing how things are going,” said Karmyn. The two enjoy talking and even after meeting for five years, still have lots to discuss. They talk about goals and work through problems. When a goal has been reached or a problem solved, they like to celebrate that milestone. “We celebrate a lot of things — a good grade on a test, making a new friend or joining a new club,” said Karmyn.

“Having a mentor is cool,” said Santanna. “Karmyn and I have a close bond and can talk about anything. It is nice to have another person to guide you the right way.”

The match is excited about their upcoming year of participating in USucceed. They hope to attend some group activity nights to learn more about college, do service projects and have some fun! Long term, Santanna is excited to “meet Karmyn’s baby” (due this winter) and Karmyn is excited to “see Santanna walk across the stage on graduation day.”

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