Strings on the Water Bucket

Strings on the water bucket…huh?


In mentoring, we can come across economic diversity between mentor and mentee. And sometimes things our students say their families are going through can be hard to fathom for mentors.

For many families, a financial hardship can seem like a fire burning out of control. And when there’s a fire, human nature tells us to try and put it out.

The catch? Sometimes the bucket of water used to put our financial fires has strings – strings that trip us just when we are about to get up.  

As mentors, how can we better understand poverty? What community resources currently exist? How exactly does poverty impact kids? 

These questions and more will be discussed on October 25 at The Face of Poverty training. Call 221-2403 or email to RSVP. It will be from 12-1 PM on October 25 at the LSS Center for Children and Youth. This training is a collaboration between LSS Mentoring Services and LSS Consumer Credit Counseling Service.

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