Addicted to Debt

Do you ever feel like you will never get ahead? In your career? Relationships? Finances?

Image courtesy of vorakorn  /

Image courtesy of vorakorn


It can happen to any one of us at any time

that fear that we are stuck right where we are, with no hope of moving forward, and every possibility of falling back. 



If what we are describing sounds familiar, you’re in luck. While we’re not in the business of granting wishes, we are in the business of empowering people to be better, do better, and become better.

When it comes to finances and feeling stuck in a spending rut, here are 3 things you can do today:

  1. Write down 3 goals – one short-term (you want to accomplish by the end of the month), one medium-term (you want to accomplish by the end of the year), and one long-term (you want to accomplish in the next 2-5 years). Share this list with someone who can help you along the way and keep you accountable to your goals.
  2. Begin tracking your expenses. Try to find where every cent is spent and see if your spending patterns align with your goals.
  3. Pay yourself first. Contact your financial institution and have some money automatically routed to your saving account every month. This way you will spend only what you have in your checking account and you will be saving toward future goals.

If we do what we’ve always done, we’re probably going to get what we’ve always gotten. Make today your “Change Day”.

If you have questions along the way, we’re here. Contact us at 888-258-2227 or

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