I’ll pay it off…when?

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic  / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic
/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Classes have begun…

tuition and fees are paid…

for now.

A little financial foresight will save you time, stress and money now and into the future.



Use the following tips to help you protect your financial future.

 1. Estimate all of your remaining expenses for the year and decide what month the funds will be needed.

  • Keep in mind that you will need to stretch any financial aid.
  • Plan to save for your living expenses, but do not forget to plan for some fun things as well.
  • Be specific and honest. Don’t play the fool. Making careful decisions now will save you a lot of time and frustration after graduation.

2.  Analyze your financial resources

  • Plan to work. That experience is invaluable and will reduce the need for excessive financial aid.

3. Set up a savings account

  • If you have extra financial aid after tuition and fees are paid, set it aside.
  • Withdraw wisely to make excess last throughout the semester.
  • Consider taking out a fixed amount each month to help you with your bills. (we’re not talking Saturday-night-out bills…)
  • Contact us for more tips on how to craft a spending plan.

4. Use credit wisely

  • Credit cards are not free money.
  • Good credit is something you earn by being responsible; you are not entitled to it!
  • Decisions you make now regarding the use or abuse of credit could limit your options after you graduate. Poor credit can affect your ability to land that dream job, buy a car, rent an apartment, or purchase a home.
  • Don’t rely on the old adage, “I’ll pay it off after I graduate and get a job.” It may not be possible for you to pay off your debt on that starting salary. So, think twice before you charge.

Remember: we’re here to answer any questions you have along the way. Contact us at 888-258-2227 or cccs@LssSD.org.

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