To Go or Not To Go…The Kindergarten Question

graduation kid istockChildcare and Education Services received a great post from one of our amazing preschool moms. Read about their family’s decision:

After reading Back to School Blues on this blog, I thought that could be me! Technically, my son could have gone to Kindergarten this year. But summer birthdays are tough.

To enroll in school or not to enroll in school is a parenting decision that is not easy. One that had to be made with instincts and not charts and test scores.  One that seemed like it carried more importance than the thousands of other parenting decisions we have made over the past five years.

We read articles, took him for screening, asked our friends and family and just fretted about it. Will he be challenged too much in Kindergarten? Will he get bored with another year of preschool? Can he handle the BIG school and all the other kids? Will he feel like he has outgrown preschool? 

Everyone had an opinion, but in the end it was only ours that mattered. Which is a bit incredible and scary at the same time, but that’s parenthood.

We ultimately thought that we want to put our child in the best position for him to do his best. Could we have had a successful year of Kindergarten and made it through without any major issues? Probably. Even with him being older, will there be struggles next year? You bet. But now we will never have that dangling “what if” in the back of our mind.

So instead of being one of the youngest kids in Kindergarten, he is enjoying being the oldest kid (although not by much) in his preschool class. We are so fortunate that LSS Southern Hills Preschool offers three levels of instruction. There are degreed teachers who really do their best to prepare each child to succeed in school. It is a great facility that is designed for learning and his classroom is a five-year-old’s dream.  

This week, we still experienced a first day of school at our house. It was probably the most scrutinized first day we will ever have…at least I hope so. He will never know that though. He just got to enjoy a new classroom full of great supplies, new teachers eager to welcome him, new things to learn and new memories to make.

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