Award winning volunteer

Mike Nold presents $5,000 to LSS Mentoring Services Director Michelle Madsen.

Mike Nold presents $5,000 to LSS Mentoring Services Director Michelle Madsen.

Mike Nold was recently honored with the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Volunteer Service Award. With that honor came a $5,000 gift to Lutheran Social Services Mentoring Services where he has made a significant impact on children and youth in the Sioux Falls area.

Nold leads a team of ten mentors from various Wells Fargo locations in Sioux Falls who promote the benefits of mentoring to all Wells Fargo team members. He also serves as the Vice President of the Wells Fargo Volunteer Chapter. He also serves on the LSS Mentoring Services Advisory Committee and is a Mentoring Business Ambassador.

Nold has been a mentor for thirteen years and is currently mentoring with his third student. “The opportunity to meet one-on-one with a student in need is a rewarding experience,” says Nold. “After joining LSS Mentoring Services, I immediately saw the returns.”

The $5,000 Volunteer Service Award will be used to help maintain and advance current mentoring services and expand activities that currently need funding.

“We are thankful for Mike’s commitment and dedication to young people through LSS. He makes a difference not only to the children he has mentored, but the hundreds of mentor/mentee connections he has influenced,” said LSS CEO Betty Oldenkamp. “A gift at this time will certainly help us reach additional children who are in need of a mentor. Timing is perfect as we enter a new school year.”

The time Nold spends mentoring makes a difference. It became evident to Nold when one of his former mentees approached him at the mall and said they were staying out of trouble. “It made my day,” says Nold. “Mentoring makes an impact that lasts forever.”

“We appreciate all of our mentors,” says Michelle Madsen, Director of Mentoring Services. “Each one is doing something that is making a difference in the life of a child. There are 1,500 mentor/student matches through LSS Mentoring Services each year that are just as unique as Mike and his mentee. We are thankful for them all.”

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