Mentor Match: Kayla & Nichole

With the start of the school year coming soon, mentors and students are getting anxious to reconnect. This is likely the case for Nichole and Kayla. The two started meeting at the start of the 2012-13 school year and plan to continue meeting this year. This year will bring a new adventure at a new school. Kayla is transferring elementary schools and Nichole is going to continue meeting with her.

In their first year meeting, they did a variety of fun activities. As each new season approached, they made booklets that included coloring pages and seasonal recipes. They also discovered they are both terrible at basketball, love shopping and shoes and enjoy time with their family.

Kayla says that having a mentor is “fun.” Nichole believes in mentoring because, “it is really important to have a lot of good role models. Kids need someone outside of their family to talk to…everything from fun and silly conversations to talking about serious things going on in their life.”

They both said the best thing about the program is that they were able to connect. “I like having Nichole as my mentor. We get to have a lot of fun,” said Kayla. Nichole said, “the best thing about mentoring is my mentee, Kayla. She is a very smart, articulate girl.”

If you know someone who is considering being a mentor, please encourage them to start. Nichole said, “it is absolutely worth it to find time in your week to get to know a child and learn about what they are going through.”

Nichole is one of 81 mentors who works for First PREMIER Bank/PREMIER Bankcard. At LSS, we are appreciative of businesses that support mentoring. If you would like to recruit your colleagues to volunteer, please contact us!

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