Back to School Tips for K-12

Image courtesy of photostock /

Image courtesy of photostock /

Back to school season has arrived – between sales and last-minute shopping, there’s plenty of ways “little” things can grow to become huge budget busters! Our best-laid back-to-school shopping plans can be often overshadowed by shoes, snow pants (again?!), and other necessities. Leaving us wondering, “where did all the money go?”

Reducing back-to-school budget busters is a smart move – and it can be exciting for both you and your kids! The following tips will help you identify potential budget busters and offer ways to save.  


Budget Buster #1: School Supplies

  • Wait Out the Rush – Buy a few items for the first days of school, and then wait out purchases until after the school year starts. Most items will go on sale.

Budget Buster #2: Sloppy shopping

  • Save everywhere you can – clip coupons, sign-up to receive coupons through your email, seek out 2-for-1 deals.
  • Keep a copy of your child’s supply list in your purse or wallet so you will always know exactly what you need. Some teachers might want colored pencils; others prefer markers – you may not need to buy both.
  • Be an informed consumer – shop around, ask for discounts, inquire about price-matching at retailers… remain in control of purchases big or small. 

Budget Buster #3: Good intentions

  • Have your kids chip in for back-to-school shopping. They are likely to spend less if they are using their own funds. This will also help them learn how to manage a budget and shop for sales
  • Don’t pay interest – earn it. If you are consistently carrying balances on credit cards, contact CCCS to make a plan to get these accounts paid in full once and for all.

Budget Buster #4: Lack of savings

  • Your future is important. Pay yourself first – the key to having savings is to start!
  • Save small change at home; then deposit into an interest-bearing account.
  • Involve the entire family – learn, save and earn together!

Determine whether what you are buying is really a need – or just a want – and if you need this item right now.

If you need help along the way, we’re here. Call 888-258-2227 or e-mail to schedule a confidential appointment.

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