Farewell to Summer!

farm picsThis is it. The last week of summer for kids attending Sioux Falls Public Schools.  This summer, like others before it, has been packed with memories, laughter, learning and fun. Our Infant/Toddler Enrichment Students, Preschoolers and School Age kids all had an amazing summer. I decided to use my last post of the summer to highlight a field trip favorite from the school age summer program kids.

One student exclaimed, “being a farmer is so much work! I never knew it took so much to grow my food. The animals are awesome!”

Last week the school age kids from all of our locations said “goodbye city life” and took a bus ride to the Opportunity Farm. They were unimpressed by the smell of “fresh air” but loved the “land spreading out both far and wide.”

Our students divided into groups and visited many different stations around the farm. One student favorite was the interactive corn trailer where they had the opportunity to learn the many ways corn is used and some details about the harvest. Kids also enjoyed sticking their hands in the play and feel box to learn about crops. The livestock was certainly a hit! Sheep, pigs and cows kept the kids laughing and fascinated. Of course no fun day is over without a snack! The kids enjoyed making a snack as they learned about the ingredients.

We had an amazing summer and while we are ready to get back to the school year to show off all we’ve learn this summer, we can’t wait until next summer to see what adventures are in store!

 farme  farma farmb  farmffarmc

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