Foster Youth Shares His Story

May is National Foster Care Month.   The children and youth we care for in foster care are neat kids.  They just want to be cared for and supported like any other young person.   One of the youth  in an LSS foster home shared his thoughts on foster care:

“I am thankful for Foster Care because they give a home to live in and be safe and secure.

You would get a social worker who would help you with all your problems.  The Foster parents keep you warm, buy you clothes, they feed you, they care for you, they care for your future, your job, they try to help you forget the bad things that happened in the past.

When your mad and you need to talk to a parent and sort it out you have all kinds of people to talk to like your Foster parents also your social workers it doesn’t matter who you talk to just at least talk to someone so they can help you.  Always believe in yourself and always keep you hopes up!”

Foster Youth – April 2013

From reading this – you can see why our foster care providers often say they get as much or more from being a foster family as their foster children do!  Consider becoming a foster family!  For more information visit .

Dede Mogck, Director of Adoption and Foster Care

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