Mentor Match: LaRay and Marie

Marie is proud to have a mentor that has been with her for halfmarch pic of her life. Marie, now in 4th grade at Laura B. Anderson Elementary, first started meeting with LaRay when she was in kindergarten.

LaRay, who works in IT at Citi, was first exposed to mentoring at work. She heard about it from colleagues and since she liked kids, she thought she would give it a try. LaRay appreciates the support that Citi offers to employees who mentor and is thankful that her employer encourages volunteerism.

LaRay remembers going to her first mentor session five years ago and finding Marie sitting in the office. Today, it is a much different story.

“It is amazing to see how much Marie has matured,” said LaRay. “She has always been very smart and sweet, but she does much better in school and with her friends now.”

Marie and LaRay are both interested in video games and computers. They often play games in the computer lab during their mentoring sessions. Marie said one day she would like to work on computers, like her dad and LaRay do.

The pair also said that they like to walk around the school and get some exercise and look at all of the artwork on the walls. Most of all, Marie said she enjoys, “hanging out and talking about my day” when LaRay comes.

LaRay said that mentoring has been a great experience for her, largely because she is matched with Marie. “I could not imagine not coming every week,” said LaRay. “I have kept a folder of the things that we have done or things that she has given me and I hope to give it to Marie when she graduates.” To that, Marie replied, “sounds good.”

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