May is National Foster Care Month and the national campaign promotion is Foster Care – Change a Lifetime!  Each May, this campaign provides and opportunity to make us all aware of the experience of the more than 400,000 children and youth in the foster care system and their needs.  Citizens from every walk of life are encouraged to get involved and to share their unique skills and talents for these kids.  Here are some ideas on how you can get involved:

 *Become a foster and or adoptive parent

*Become a mentor to a child or youth in foster care

 *Help make life book pages for children and youth in foster care and residential care

*Become an advocate for children and youth in foster care

*Provide support to the Young Voices, a youth-led statewide self advocacy group for youth in foster homes, residential programs or independent living programs

All children — including the 400,000 +  American and over 1,400 South Dakota children and youth in foster care — deserve a safe, happy life. Young people in foster care especially need nurturing adults on their side because their own families are in crisis and unable to care for them. Maybe you can be one of those adults!

For more information visit or visit Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota at for more information on Foster Care, Mentoring and Adoption.

Submitted by Dede Mogck, Director of Adoption and Foster Care

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