Sanford Health and Raven Industries: 2013 Mentoring Community Partner Nominees

Sanford and Raven were nominated as the 2013 Mentor Community Partners of the Year. LSS Mentoring is thankful for several local businesses and organizations that have promoted mentoring. This year, Sanford and Raven have stepped up their commitment, which has led to a big uptick in the number of employees at each organization that have committed to meeting with a student for one hour per week at a local school. Please read more about their involvement with mentoring.

In addition to supporting the program with more volunteers, both organizations have make financial contributions to benefit mentors and students. Together, we can make a difference. Please consider joining these groups and contributing to LSS.

Raven Industries
Raven Industries has been a dedicated company towards mentoring for many years. Over the years, their partnership with Edison Middle School has grown. This year, there are 35 Raven employees mentoring at Edison, and an additional 8 employees that mentor at other schools. The entire company supports mentoring and employee volunteerism. Raven mentors are often seen teaching students about career exploration, helping with homework, playing catch outside, going on “talk and walks,” just chatting and many other creative activities. Raven also supports mentoring by providing games as well as hosting mentor and student celebrations twice a year.

Sanford USD Medical Center
This year, Sanford USD Medical Center has experienced the highest percentage increase in the number of new mentors. At Jefferson Elementary, the number of Sanford employees went from four to eight, and at Lowell Elementary, the number of mentors grew from two to twelve. Sanford employees plan and coordinate special projects for all of the mentors and students at the schools they volunteer at. As word is spreading about all the fun, there are many student requests for a mentor. In addition to all of the fun they bring, the real key to Sanford mentors are the relationships they have developed with their mentees. All of the mentors have made a huge difference in the life of their students.

Many businesses, churches and civic organizations have partnered with LSS Mentoring Services to help recruit volunteers or support the program financially. Contact us for more information on partnership opportunities. Together, we can make a difference!

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