From the mouths of our mentors

Here at LSS, we know that mentoring works! To get a better feel of how this program is touching the lives of children and also our volunteer mentors, we asked mentors to share their thoughts with us. We received several great responses from mentors based on their experiences. Below are some touching stories of how LSS Mentoring Services has made a difference.

“Mentoring for me was my initial first step into trying to be more active and productive outside my job. I thought “Oh, it’s only reading a couple books and eating lunch with a student one time a week for the school year… easy.”  What I didn’t realize is that the time spent in those 8-9 months gave me SO much more than what I had ever expected. I started with my mentee when she was in 2nd grade and now she is in 7th. I have seen her grow from a shy little girl to a mini adult with personality and sass. I learn more from HER than I think she realizes! She has made me a better person and I only hope I have done the same to her.  I look forward to our mentor days, and talking about what is really going on with school, family, and of course getting up to speed on what the trends are and who’s the new “interest” this week in school. It brings to light how much every little thing we do counts and how every decision we make, past and present, help US become who we are today; AND to be a small part of helping her mold into the wonderful woman she is becoming gives me a GREAT sense of pride that I can only smile. I know, trust, and love her to pieces and I appreciate every time we get together.  Mentoring WORKS not only for the students but for the adults as well. One day I will see her walk across the stage get her diploma and watch her go. That day will be sad but I have FULL confidence in her knowing she is prepared to take life by the horns and make her dreams a reality … THAT is why I mentor.”

“As a Social Worker, I believe in proactive programs rather than reactive. Mentoring is just that. I have a full time job, a part time job, a 2 year old, husband, I volunteer, and I run. When it is important enough; time finds itself. The meaningful difference you are making in a child’s life is powerful and fulfilling difference in your own. Simply incredible!”

“I think God has a hand in the matches. My first mentee loved art and taught me to draw (which I’m terrible at). I taught her four square (which she was terrible at) and taught me extreme patience. My current mentee is very shy and quiet and I’m an ultra-extrovert, so I have to work hard to get HER to talk. The best part of mentoring is seeing the kids change and seeing the changes they have on me!”

“One day we were playing “hangman” and she wrote down some blanks and I had to guess the letters.  The words were best friend.  When I asked her who her best friend was she replied YOU.  Just one of many moments that I cherish from my mentoring experience.  I truly get as much out of it as she does.  It means so much to be a positive influence in a child’s life.”

Thank you to all of our mentors! Together we can make a difference. Please consider becoming a mentor or making a financial gift to LSS today.

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