Support Group for Parents Who Made an Adoption Plan

Lutheran Social Services – Pregnancy Counseling Program helps facilitate a support group for persons who have made a voluntary adoption plan for their child.  This support group was started by a Mom who made an adoption plan through LSS.  She felt a call to bring others together to support one another.  Making an adoption plan is one of the most selfless but difficult decisions a person will ever make – so ongoing support is very beneficial and important. 

The support group is open to all persons who have an adoption plan whether through Lutheran Social Services or another organization. Support group meetings are announced through the Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota – Pregnancy Counseling  Facebook page.  See below for the upcoming spring support group meeting!

 Spring is just around the corner! Our birth mother support group has opted for a more casual gathering! They plan to meet up every month or two for coffee and conversation! If you are interested in joining the ladies, please contact Diane at LSS for more details. or by phone at 605-221-2413 or 1-888-201-5061.   HAPPY SPRING!!

Submitted by Dede Mogck, Director of Adoption and Pregnancy Counseling Programs

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