No one here is getting married on May 4th, but please still SAVE THE DATE!

TOC entertainment

TOC Thag and Wade

TOC flower

TOC auction item


TOC flute

TOC Erin and SawyerThe 18th annual Taste of Cultures event is MAY 4, 2013. Please pull out your iPhone right now (or your old-school paper calendar, if you’re like me) and SAVE that date!

I’ll give you a second to do that.


Okay, so now that you’ve saved the date, you might want to learn a little more about what you’ve saved it for.

May 4th will be an AWESOME annual event called Taste of Cultures.

Picture this:

You and your friend/significant other give your ticket to the ticket-taker and walk into a big room (it’ll be the Convention Center this year…fancy!).

While chatting, you meander about tables with all sorts of auction items: gift certificates to day spas and restaurants, ethnic artwork and purses, gift baskets overflowing with chocolate and candies, etc. etc. etc.

As you wander about and bid on items you think to yourself: “Wow, this background music is good!”

An announcement to sit for dinner—a plated meal, super tasty (menu yet to be determined, but don’t worry, I’m confident that we’ll spring for something super tasty!)

Then comes the program: interesting announcements from the director, an awards ceremony, performers from around the world.

You think to yourself, “Wow this music is REALLY good!”

Are you starting to get the picture of this event? Maybe to make picturing it a little easier, you can scroll to the top and glance again at some pictures from last year.

And, in case everything I’ve described doesn’t sound enjoyable enough, Taste of Cultures just happens to do a lot of good for a lot of refugee families new to the United States, and has for the last 17 years. ALL proceeds from Taste of Cultures go to help provide basic necessities for new Americans.

Now that I’ve envisioned the event, I’m a little sad that I have to wait until May. Good thing that, like you, I’ve saved the date and can allow the anticipation to build.

We’ll see you there!

(To reserve your tickets, please call 731-2000 and ask for Amy S.Z.)

Post by Amy S.Z., Refugee and Immigration

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