Lifebook Project – LSS Foster Care Program

January 31, 2013

The Foster Care Program of Lutheran Social Services will be holding a second annual Life book Project in February! Last year’s event was such a great success and it was so wonderful to spend time with the volunteers that we decided to make it an annual event!  If you are interested in being part of this fun and inspiring event you can do so by making a donation of supplies or volunteering at the event – or both! For more information see below:

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Hand Washing for Health

January 30, 2013

We are all trying to stay healthy during this cold and flu season. Hand washing is one of the very best ways to protect ourselves from germs!

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Mentor Match: Mary Jo & Kendra

January 30, 2013

Mary Jo Vance and Kendra

When Mary Jo Vance attended the annual Women Unite event to learn more about how she could help the Sioux Empire United Way, the message hit home. Her oldest daughter had just left for college and she realized she had more time available to volunteer in the community.

The presentation was about the 2012 United Way initiative, USucceed. USucceed is a mentoring service for high school students, where matches are able to meet off school grounds if they would like and both the mentor and student commit to the relationship until the student graduates high school.

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No one here is getting married on May 4th, but please still SAVE THE DATE!

January 28, 2013

TOC entertainment

TOC Thag and Wade

TOC flower

TOC auction item


TOC flute

TOC Erin and SawyerThe 18th annual Taste of Cultures event is MAY 4, 2013. Please pull out your iPhone right now (or your old-school paper calendar, if you’re like me) and SAVE that date!

I’ll give you a second to do that.

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Life books – A Way To Tell the Adoption Story

January 25, 2013

What is a life book you may ask? It is a pictorial and written representation of the child’s life designed to help the child make sense of his unique background and history. A life book is similar in many ways to a baby book that parents keep for their birth children. It can include the child’s vital statistics; date, time and place of birth as well as the child’s weight and length at birth.  It can include a chronological history of developmental milestones.  It includes pictures of the child and others who play a role in their lives. However a life book goes a step further.  It fills in the blanks for the adopted child just like pieces to a puzzle.  It gives history about the birth family, orphanage, previous foster families, cultural background or country of origin. It explains how the child came to be adopted and how his/her family came to adopt him/her.  This can be conveyed at whatever developmental level the child is at and can be expanded on as they grow and understand more. It is a way to reassure a child who is adopted that he/she is loved and accepted.

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Family Fitness when it is Freezing

January 24, 2013

Here in Sioux Falls we are experiencing quite a cold snap lately and have been thinking creatively to help the kids stay active while we are stuck indoors.  To beat cabin fever and stay fit the kids at our childcare and education programs are enjoying a variety of activities!  For a taste of the fun try some of the following activities: Read the rest of this entry »

Nominations sought for mentoring awards

January 23, 2013

nominatin headerLSS Mentoring Services is seeking nominations for the 2013 Citibank Outstanding Mentor, the First Premier/Premier Bankcard Community Partner of the Year and Rookie Mentor of the Year awards. The awards, to be presented at the Annual Mentor Appreciation Breakfast on April 17, provide a platform to honor the contributions of individuals and organizations that have shown outstanding commitment to the mentor program.

Nominations are encouraged and may be submitted by the community at large. Self-nominations are accepted. All nominations are due by Friday, March 1. Click to download the 2013 nomination form.

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